Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Alkaline? Frankincense? Whole Green Foods?

So much information .. so much riding on it.

I  (Mary)  haven't had near enough time to do all the research I want to do regarding cancer and what it takes get rid of it. 
Starters, there are 101 different herb combinations that cured aunt Suzie's uncle Harry.  Don and I are open to new ideas so I look into them. Lots of them don't have much back up. One promising herb tested on rats showed not change in tumor size. 

Choosing to believe what's proven over what's heard of, we look at what is proven.

One avenue involves a "treatment" that has shown great success, is clinically proven over and over but it is rather barbaric. Almost like a bull in a china shop. It involves putting large amounts of poison in the persons body in the hope that as they break down the person's system - the system that keeps them alive - breaking it down just short of total breakdown, strategizing that during that breakdown the cancer will not have withstood the onslaught of destruction and the person will be free from it.

Kind of freaked out by that one. But I will go on ..

We also have the "treatment" for cancer

Radiation   which consists of several types of subatomic particles, principally those called gamma rays, neutrons, electrons, and alpha particles, that shoot through space at very high speeds, something like 100,000 miles per second. They can easily penetrate deep inside the human body, damaging some of the biological cells of which the body is composed. This damage can cause a fatal cancer to develop, or if it occurs in reproductive cells, it can cause genetic defects in later generations of offspring. When explained in this way, the dangers of radiation seem to be very grave, and for a person to be struck by a particle of radiation appears to be an extremely serious event. 

But .. reading further I have also learned that we are bombarded with radiation every waking moment -

every person in the world is struck by about 15,000 of these particles of radiation every second of his or her life,2 and this is true for every person who has ever lived and for every person who ever will live. These particles, totalling 500 billion per year, or 40 trillion in a lifetime, are from natural sources. In addition, our technology has introduced new sources of radiation like medical X-rays — a typical X-ray bombards us with over a trillion particles of radiation ... http://www.phyast.pitt.edu/~blc/book/chapter5.html

Lots of radiation for everyone, every day. Maybe not so bad if it's controlled.

Still .. it's a serious "treatment" that may have long term effects.

The reason we all don't die of cancer from radiation is that our bodies are designed by God to over come the assailment of many dangerous invaders. We have a system set in place that is so wonderful,
it combats villains from the time of our creation. 

After understanding that I have also come to understand that like Loius Pasteur said late in his life ..

"The Microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything."

My next principle to review is the terrain or Don's level of health in his body. Since there is cancer obviously something was amiss. The cancer cells which are so prevelent in everyone's bodies were able to survive God's protection mechanism. Don will tell you that smoking cigarettes directly effected his "terrain" by adding poison to his body. There was enough poison to adulterate the healthy cells and weaken his system.

God bless him though - we all think that it    (whatever it is for you)    will never happen to us.

In the end my goal is to strengthen Don's body.

I want to strengthen his body to fight the cancer cells, but at the same time allow for the breaking down of his system so that the chemo can work.

I have asked his dr about this. The dr says that whatever we do at home needs to be normal levels for living. For instance. I told the dr Don was having a lot of supplements. The dr. took it to mean that Don was having mega doses of things like Vitamin C - which is helpful in fighting off colds ect .. and that as Don would be having these mega doses that were strengthening the cells for health - they might also strengthen the cancer cells - which is bad -  meaning his "treatments" would be less effective and hence need to be done longer. Not good.

We are looking into ways to strengthen his body without mega doses of anything, maybe just putting his body into a healthy state. Being very careful not to weaken the "treatment" that is meant to finally kill the adversary.

That's where we are right now. Sifting though tons of stuff .. I am very excited to know about Frankincense oil though. I think we have come upon something that will not only improve Don's terrain, his level of health but has also been clinically proven to kill cancer cells. AND it won't conflict with the "treatments"

I am buying this oil from do Terra company. Actually, our wonderful daughter is buying it for us .. but we are in process of learning about it .. I have done tons of reading and it's pointing in the right direction.

I am also learning about whole foods. Alkaline diets .. tons of stuff. Whoda thought?

I will write more about it later. Must do laundry now.

Love you all .. and we are thankful from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support.


Don said...

My sweetheart is SOOO smart..

Dee Dee said...

Man, I'm with you, Don. I was just about to write how smart she is. It's so not an accident that God blessed you with her and she is smart enough to figure out these confusing things!