Saturday, November 6, 2010

A small sampling

 Here are a few pictures of Don that I thought were fun. 

 Erin and Dylan's wedding 

Father and son - Benjamin going to Liberty

Here they are .. the Abele brothers.
Bob, Doug, Mike, Don and a next generation - Zackary

Looks like he is telling us something ever so cleaver 

Papa love to hike
Here he is in GA with Ethan

Loving the hair cut - thanks Dylan, love it. 

Don is a Mr. map reader

Don and Elisa. I'm sure Don is explaining some forest detail to enlighten his daughter 

Don and his cutest survey help

Papa loves his grandchildren. Here he is with Magnolia Jane. 

I'm telling you, map reader. 

Don's friends at his birthday .. don't you just love them? 

Don and Mary going to the beach.

Don with Ben, Benj and the little guys .. Ethan, Zackary and Henry. 

Playing Puerto Rico with the kids .. specifically his oldest daughter .. Kimberly.

Beach trip .. Wilmington 

Salt Lake Hogle Zoo with Zacakry and Henry

Papa loves the babies.  Here he is with Lucille Jane. 

Don is the kind of Papa that takes time with his grandkids. 

This is not Don BUT I had to add it to show how the apple did not fall far from the tree .. Kimberly is reading the map to Zackary, Henry and Lucy .. and grammy. 

Papa finds all the survey points .. even at the zoo. Here Henry is learning about them. 

Don worked at the Kennecott Copper Mine. He was in his element with all the HUGE trucks and massive construction. 

The proud victors of the new car hunt.
Don and Ben

Daisy interviewed Papa for an article on Daisy's Diaries. 

Don is not in this picture but we needed more of the Tuggle family.
Erin and Dylan, 
Aubrey, Ethan and new baby Magnolia Jane. 

Blessings from the Lord. 
Brothers in Christ. 
Stuart, Don and John

Further blessings .. 
Suzanne, Judy, Stuart
Don and I 
John and Lorie 

A little cutie we love 
Alex Austin

Don with Herman .. they love to discuss the Bible together. 

Don and Damon .. we love you Damon! 

Treasured time .. to the park with Zackary and Henry. 

Papa came to Salt Lake and Zackary met him with a GREAT big hug. 

Henry was happy to see his Papa .. 

Don, Kimberly and Ben (Ben the eldest, Ben the awesome) at the Copper Mine. 

Zackary LOVES maps, can you guess where that came from? 

Don and the wife he blesses every day.


Elisa Mary Abele said...

I LOVE this post :)
What a happy life.

Dad is the BEST dad ever.
And the BEST papa ever.

He makes the best pancakes.
Gives the best advice.
Tells the longest stories.
And is the smartest person I know.

HOOAH for dad!!! :) <3

Cathi said...

What a wonderful family you have!

Mary said...

Thank you Cathi .. yours is pretty terrific as well.

Dee Dee said...

Love these! Love all of you!