Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cerebral Action

 OK, Don has cancer. What in the world do you do with that? There are two basic choices, no actually three.
 1. Traditional medicine – chemo, radiation.
2. Alternative medicine – is generally based on the principle of the patient using the body itself to restore balance and health, strengthening the immune system. Diet will play a large part in that as well as exercise. There are supplements you can take, vitamins and essential oils. I have also learned about one method that uses a … enema… to clean the body of the toxins.  In fact, history shows us that the human race has used those basic precepts for all of time. http://www.cancertutor.com/
3. Don’t do anything at all - It is in fact one of the choices. I can imagine a poor, exhausted soul picking this choice.

After a lot of thought, reading and prayer, Don decided he was going to go with the traditional. It may seem like a no brainer choice but it’s not that easy of a choice to make. When you choose to go with the traditional method of radiation and chemo you are deciding to accept the permanent consequences that are likely to occur. Radiation will likely destroy his salivary glands which, surprisingly, are a significant loss. Don went to a speak pathologist that explained how intricate our swallowing is and how the muscles can become callused and hardened due to the radiation which would result in swallowing issues.
Chemo causes cancer... so does radiation but we won’t even go there.

As we are going to the hospital to learn about traditional medicine I am reading and learning about alternative medicine. It’s all about healthy choices, using the body to heal itself and becoming strong. I like that idea, it sounds like the right thing to do - but it too has a side effect ... lack of effectiveness. There are no charts or studies to show how many people have lived or died after choosing alternative treatments, it’s an unknown.  Compare that to the 85 to 90% success rate of the traditional treatment and you see why Don made the choice he did.   

The problem I have is I see the logic of alternative medicine. I hate traditional treatment. Of course, it’s not my choice to make but that is my perspective. The body that has cancer is out of balance somehow. Either genetically or environmentally, there is an organic reason the body is not attacking and killing the cancer cells. Obviously the body is not doing its job. It seems reasonable to think that in order to kill the cancer cells the body has to get back in balance, the impaired immune system has to get repaired or enabled to fight the invasion of diseased cells. While using alternative treatments that would mean that we are expecting the weakened immune system to not only right itself by the process of the alternative treatment but to kill the strong, determined cancer cells too. Hmm …

I am confident that either school of thought, traditional or alternative would have plenty of defenses for their position. Their arguments can steadily volley back and forth with no one’s mind being changed, no new perspectives being received.

I talked to Don’s doctor about the possibility of using one of traditional medicine’s own alternatives and she did not care to hear about any of it. I pressed the issue a bit, hoping she too would recognize that the body is amazing and what about the possibility of other thoughts, the other treatments listed on the very consent form the hospital had Don sign, but she looked at me blankly and said she did not recommend any of those. I guess you could say I pressed a little more, explaining to her that there are clinical studies PROVING the use of the essential oil from do Terra – Frankincense which has cured bladder cancer and she told me that she can only use treatments that are approved by the FDA, that it didn’t matter what other treatment might be out there, she was under the rule of the FDA and her hands were tied.

 WOW. I was a little disappointed in hearing that. I didn’t realize that the government was the final authority on our medical care … the final attending physician. 

From the beginning, when we first found out about the cancer we have approached it proactively. Using whatever means available to achieve the goal of a healthy body for Don. We have been making a lot of green smoothies. Getting a lot of those vegetables you always read about into his diet.

For instance, this morning he had kale, blueberries and banana in his smoothie. 
You might think that would be gross but it’s pretty good actually. I have really been leaning toward alkalizing foods. I understand that cancer thrives in an acid environment.  Foods like sugars and processed flours, even really sweet fruits create an ideal condition for the glucose hungry cancer cells.
 Vegetables are alkaline. 
Lots of vegetables, and uncooked is the best way for the body to
 get the most benefit out of most of the vegetables.

Another thing we have been doing is supplements. The Lord provided quite a bit for Don.
He was given a four month supply of Juice Plus …https://www.juiceplus.com/nsa/content/Welcome.soa

He was also given liquid vitamins that have sea greens in them. They supply a great need for a body. 

Even the Cancer Society has recognized that nutrition plays an integral part of body health (aren’t they so smart? I think the American Caner Society is part of the government, the same government that is deciding what medical treatments should be available for folks – little scary)

He has also been provided do Terra Essential Oils. This has been a fascinating journey. I have learned so much about oils – these oils are not an oily kind of oil – they are more of an essence. Don has been on Frankincense for the whole time. That is the “oil” that is clinically proven to cure cancer. It has to be a certain type of Frankincense though, according to the University of Oklahoma, the Frankincense has to be therapeutic and a really high grade. The university used the doTerra brand Frankincense due to its ability to be absorbed into the body and because it’s chemical makeup is so pure.  
Here is a good link that explains it all … http://www.doterra.com/us/essentialDefinition.php

He has also been on another series of supplements. Mircro Plex VM food nutrient complex and x EO Mega essential oil omega complex and lastly Alpha CRS cellular vitality complex. I have been on those a time or two myself and my energy level is amazing when I take them. https://nettrax.myvoffice.com/doterra/ShoppingCart/Shop.cfm?CurrPage=FrontPage&NextPage=CategoryDetail&CategoryID=96&pid=26338068808009133

Today we got a report from the radiation dr. that Don was doing VERY well and that he has a good health nurse … I am praying that although we have chosen to have traditional treatments, with the efforts we are making towards whole foods, healthy choices, lots of water and our next goal – increased exercise Don will be able to get through this with a minimum of consequence.

I have been using lavender on his throat cause it’s an awesome skin repairer. It’s got great burn healing properties. We use melaluca for any sores in his mouth cause it’s known far and wide for it’s healing ability.

We are mostly just relying on the Lord our God, it is His hand that holds our future. Don and I do what we can do here, gladly so but in the end … we know where life begins and ends.
I will write more another time. I am sure I have written way more then is enough. Hope I haven’t bored you to tears.
We love you and appreciate ALL your prayers and the sweet love we receive from you.


Dee Dee said...

Love you! You are doing a fine job as a help meet. Don is blessed to have married you.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are becoming quite the nutritionist. I understand most of what you are doing. I have been attempting to implement much of those same ideas on a daily basis. By the way the enema thing works. Call me! I have never heard of the Frankincense(will check it out more). Thanks for all the updates. Know that I am praying continually with you guys. God is good, faithful,and more powerful than any chemo or radiation treatment. Hang in there Don! God is in Control!