Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What?!? No tumor??

(Mary writes)
You can imagine how surprised we were when the dr. pointed to the image on the screen and said

"This is the spot where we saw the cancer before 
- but it's not there now"

He was so matter of fact, Don and I were in shock! The first words that came out of our mouths almost at the same time were ...

  "Then we are done here? Can we go home now??"

Don had been having radiation and chemo for 2 weeks and 1 day at the time of the doctor. appt.

It was an emergency appointment with the doctor because the side effects of the radiation and chemo have been so disabling. He has a white coating all over his tongue ... thrush.
That is what took us into his office and after the 30 seconds it took the doctor to diagnose thrush he volunteered to put a scope down Don's nose to see how far the thrush had gone and just to get an idea of the condition of the tumor.

The doctor gave Don a anesthetic in his nose and then took the scope - equipped with flashlight and camera and put it into his nose and down to his throat. Wow! Not a fan. It didn't seem to hurt, I guess the anesthetic did the trick.

The doctor twirled it around, using the very thin rubber hose to scope this area and that. It's amazing actually. We could see the tissue was clean and pink. That is very good. 

We were ready to go home. We knew for sure that the Lord had taken it away and we were done. 
But do you think that is what the doctor is going to say? 


 Doctor said treatment must continue because people that have had their tumors go away and they didn't finish their treatments found that the cancer came back later because there were microscopic cancer cells.

 soo saad. 

I'm not sure I exactly believe him. If I could have my way, Don would have a biopsy and we would know for sure if it's gone. But, if he had a biopsy and we found it to be cancerous then Don would have to wait for his throat cut to heal in order for treatments to continue. hmm. 

OR we could find that the cancer is indeed gone and Don's impression of the power of the prayers was indeed what was true and the Lord healed him miraculously rather then through the medical community.

I think we are going to leave that decision for now. Let Don pray about it. 

But ... change of subject ... sorta ... I want to introduce you to a new guy I met at the VA radiation clinic.

Mr. Waffle Grill 

This is how he looks when he comes out of his radiation treatment. He would have been bolted down to the table. Often falling asleep, with the mesh mask pressing down on his face ... hence ... waffle grill. 

God is good ... We are dwelling in the shelter 
of the LORD Most High


Dee Dee said...

Thank You, Lord! No matter which scenario it is, it has to be GREAT NEWS! So thankful!!!!!

Elisabeth said...

So glad to hear this. Will continue to pray, especially for decision making right now. God bless.

Hosanna said...

That is AWESOME. !!